Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009-Pack'in for Vegas!

Well, today I leave with friends to fly out to Vegas for some "time away". Maybe, I'll win big--ha! Actually, I enjoy all the landscaping in and around the strip, which gives me ideas for my paper flowers and any other art I might produce. I'm working on some altered books at this point in time that go beyond those I've already created. It's exciting to create! Love it.

My idea for one of my books is of an old album from the late 1800's found by one of my brothers that had been left in an apartment. There was no way to contact anyone, because the renters left no info, etc. So my brother thought I'd appreciate the album. It was filled with pressed flowers, pictures through the years in the form of those cabinet cards, mainly. I plan to use most of them in the original album, but give it some "sparkle" and arrange pictures in different ways with pockets and other forms to present them. I'm thinking of calling it, "Lost Faces"...since it is a collection of a family from the past with many pictures not having any labels on the back.

I may post it on my store for sale after finishing. Also thought of possibly creating an album such that the buyer could put their own pictures in from the past in and around the art I would have on the page. Ideas, ideas ideas...right?

Well, thanks for those who have become followers. Spread the word if you feel it, for more to join in. Let me know, too, your thoughts about my blog. I'd love to interact.

Take care...and see you after the 7th when I return from Vegas..


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