Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Weekend

My daughter came this weekend to put together materials for her transition to teaching (Spanish). Since I had plenty of crafting things, she was over-joyed to be able to come and create, laminate, and cutout things she has wanted to create for making her teaching experience a better one.  So I haven't had the chance to create any jewelry this weekend with helping her put together her teaching materials.  I kind of felt like I was starting over with my teaching, helping her.  I think she will be a great teacher. She has such a personality and the creativity to truly be successful.  I will help her all I can to succeed.

We made flash cards, sentence cards, and alphabets all for working with the Spanish language. I also bought her three clocks that she wanted to have in her classroom to tell time in Spain, Peru, and one other area that I can't remember right now.

I wish her all the luck.

Before she came, I was able to walk the Whiteriver trail finally after all the weather we have had lately.  It was so enjoyable and I am always looking at things in nature for ideas to help creating new jewelry, etc. I did see one blue heron and of course all the ducks and geese that populate the areas around "and on" the trail.  So I got my 3 miles in yesterday.  I'm hoping the rain will hold of so Abby and I can go walking together.  She also likes to walk.

Have a great and "healthful" day.  Did I just hear thunder?  Oh's 7:10 a.m. right now.  Maybe it will pass for when we want to walk...ha.

Take care.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My Studio I May Have to Leave Behind

Currently, the house is for sale and that means I will loose the studio I created last summer (2010).  It was very much thought out and I decided to use nothing but white pegboard walls.  I figured it would allow me easy changes to where I might hang/store things in the 10 x 12 feet area.  I also added to that a 6 x 9 feet area of shelving on both sides for storage.  Wonderful way to keep things from showing.  So now I am waiting to see if all will happen with the move.  I haven't packed up any of my studio except the books.  Oh, I even found brackets that fit on the pegboard walls to hold magazines and books.  That was a great find!  The area was down in the basement, which was the only drawback.  I had a very small window to the world outside and it faced West, so I did get some sun, but I prefer more open spaced windows.  I feel more motivated that way.

 So here are pictures of the new studio.  Before I was kind of in a walkway from the basement area to the
garage.  This way I have my own area with doors I can shut. Love it. I sure
 will miss not being in this space if I move.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Logo/Avatar Has Changed

Hello, again. I really plan on keeping up my blog.  Since March of 2011, I have researched Celtic art and realize I am drawn to that type of art, especially jewelry, because of my ancestors on both sides of the family being Scottish.  I have created some new pieces that you can see on  My avatar has changed to reflect my love of Celtic everything! So here it is above.  The dragon has a special meaning in the Celtic means secret treasures. Kind of goes along with my URL site name..right?  Ha.

I also have recently found more books that have inspired me...on being Sharilynn Miller's book called, "Wire Art Jewelry". Her techniques are amazing and the book comes with a DVD which helps with showing her techniques.  The other book is more spiritual to me, but is a jewelry book just the same called, "INSPIRITU Jewelry" by Marie French.  I was so moved by the book that I emailed her to tell her so.  I also said I was buying a book on the meaning of stones and it just happened to be one on her list to buy as well.  The book is a journey of Marie finding jewelry notes, etc. in the southwest and how she has adapted the information to create her own jewelry for friends and family.  The idea is that stones have a healing nature and wearing the right kinds of stones together can hopefully influence a person's life in a positive way.  There are even recipes for teas to drink with specific types of jewelry.  All of this found in a journal kept by a special lady years ago in an old adobe in the southwest.  So needless to say, I have thought about jewelry-making in a whole new way.  Below are some of my Celtic pieces I have recently created.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Back! Been so busy with Local Art...

Hello all.  I have been doing most of my art through the local gallery here in Muncie at Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery.  The gallery closed at the end of last December of 2010 and so I am now getting back to the grindstone and creating for my artfire site.  I have transitioned from creating books and other paper things to jewelry.  Many like the jewelry I have created and am now focusing on mainly Celtic style jewelry. Being Irish and Scottish may be the reason for the appeal..ha.  Not sure but I love it.  I will soon redo my banner and avatar reflecting a Celtic look. I still am also focusing on wire and bead jewelry with some leather pieces mixed in.  I also love steampunk, I think mainly because of the Victorian influence to this type of jewelry.

So know that I will be back sharing new books I've found and maybe some "how tos" with what I'm doing.  Oh...also last summer I created a working studio in the basement.  The walls are all white pegboard and give me the opportunity to move things around if I need to or if the spaces aren't quite the way I need them.  Love it.  I have a paper/miscellaneous area, a jewelry area and a business area where the computer is located.  So I am set.  Connected to the studio is a 6 x 9 foot storage area in galley form with shelving on both sides.  Great storage.  The entrance is grand (of course) with french doors into the space.  I will share pictures soon here on my blog.  I also plan to submit my studio to the Studios magazine.  Cate, the editor there has asked for me to submit my studio info when I finished things.  So I plan on that.

Well glad to be back and hope all is well with those followers I have and that you are creating like crazy!

Take care...


Friday, March 5, 2010

Found New Books on Creating Jewelry

Well, I made another trip to Ft. Wayne yesterday.  Stayed overnight.  Since our town doesn't have a Michaels or Barnes & Noble, it's a treat to come and see what's new.  While at Barnes & Noble, I found some very interesting books that some of you may be interested in.  I've begun creating wire jewelry.  Just finished a copper wire bracelet that I did using twined copper.  So I wanted to see what might be available for different types of jewelry books.  I found, Beading Vintage-Style Jewelry by Marty Stevens-Heebner & Christine Calla.
I love antiques and moved from an Itallianate 10-room home not long ago.  I've loved antiques as long as I can remember.  And so recreating vintage jewelry appeals to me.  The book has many examples of reproductions from many eras and shows the "how-tos" for each. 
Another book that I picked up for reference is, Wire Jewelry Workshop by Susan Ray. Again this book, too, has great examples for using wire, which I enjoy.  And also has "how-tos" for creating wire jewelry and wire jewelry parts.  Speaking of...I didn't know about a form called a WigJig that allows you to create an amazing amount of decorative wire elements to use in all types of jewelry.
The last book (I know $$$$, right, but couldn't help myself), is called Beyond the Bead by Margot Potter. An amazing book.The cover says, "Making Jewelry with Unexpected Finds".  Very true!  Great ideas and this one, too, shows how to construct everything shown in pictures.  I know Juls does her flowers, but might think about expanding after viewing some of these special books. (Thought of you Juls) as I was looking through these books.   Anyway, for any of you interested in making jewelry, these are great references for your library.
I will post my new bracelet in my next post, hopefully soon. 
Happy Crafting,

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Logo for my Art

Hello all! I decided I needed a logo for my cards, glass hangings, jewelry, and any of the other items I sell and send out so here it is: 
How about some feedback. What do you think of it? I use the small Avery circle stickers to add to all my items and so this is what it will be now.  Also used it as my Avatar on my greggsgoodies store.   Come and visit me!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here's What I Have to Reorganize-For My New Studio

Today, I'm sharing. Even with the small space I work in, I have managed to get things done.  I've also learned how to organize many things.  AND a big concept I've internalize is that IF YOU PUT THINGS BACK IN THE SAME PLACE EVERY TIME, YOU'LL KNOW WHERE IT IS THE NEXT TIME YOU NEED IT. HA
In this group, the first is the pegboard I put up to house many of the silhouette card designs I use in my blank cards.  The second pic is one of a creative way to use one of the storage cabinets I had that I really needed to use for my computer and Cricut Expressions Machine.  So I put a slideout drawer for the computer, with shelves above and below to house not only the above, but an external hard drive and 1T drive for all my graphics.  The third pic is a corner of the area. The neighbors across the street had this small picnic-type table for kids that had a little shelf attached to the back and top of the table.  It measured then, 2 feet by 5 feet by maybe 2 feet high. They had the table out by the street and so I asked if it was a giveaway.  They told me to take it.  So I reworked it, by taking off the original legs and adding legs tall enough to be the height of my other work bench, which has an 8 foot length of countertop.  So it is countertop height. I also added a shelf underneath the table as well.  As you sort of can see, I put plastic drawers underneath, added a new wood top over the original wood which was like a picnic table. Then put two of those containers that have 18 compartments in each of plastic boxes.   Great for all the little stuff I use with paper flowers, jewelry, ink pads, medallions, glitter, etc. I also put it on rollers.  A great idea, because making different arrangments is easy.  The lower cabinet seen in this final pic to the right in the picture is another find.  Someone on the alley was taking out their old kitchen cabinets and I saw 2 30 inch by 30 inch wall cabinets out for the trash.  I snatched those up. Brought them in.  Cleaned them up and then attached rollers to one and set the other toward the back of the new cabinet I previously described (this 30" cabinet doesn't show..did that later).  But it has been so handy to have the lower rolling cabinet with shelves underneath and a surface to use for whatever I need.  So for now it all works...but I plan to create a better space on the other side of the basement where I can have more room and not be in the path of traffic getting to the door to the attached garage...duh.  SoI will post new pictures when that happens.

Happy Crafting,