Monday, February 22, 2010

Here's What I Have to Reorganize-For My New Studio

Today, I'm sharing. Even with the small space I work in, I have managed to get things done.  I've also learned how to organize many things.  AND a big concept I've internalize is that IF YOU PUT THINGS BACK IN THE SAME PLACE EVERY TIME, YOU'LL KNOW WHERE IT IS THE NEXT TIME YOU NEED IT. HA
In this group, the first is the pegboard I put up to house many of the silhouette card designs I use in my blank cards.  The second pic is one of a creative way to use one of the storage cabinets I had that I really needed to use for my computer and Cricut Expressions Machine.  So I put a slideout drawer for the computer, with shelves above and below to house not only the above, but an external hard drive and 1T drive for all my graphics.  The third pic is a corner of the area. The neighbors across the street had this small picnic-type table for kids that had a little shelf attached to the back and top of the table.  It measured then, 2 feet by 5 feet by maybe 2 feet high. They had the table out by the street and so I asked if it was a giveaway.  They told me to take it.  So I reworked it, by taking off the original legs and adding legs tall enough to be the height of my other work bench, which has an 8 foot length of countertop.  So it is countertop height. I also added a shelf underneath the table as well.  As you sort of can see, I put plastic drawers underneath, added a new wood top over the original wood which was like a picnic table. Then put two of those containers that have 18 compartments in each of plastic boxes.   Great for all the little stuff I use with paper flowers, jewelry, ink pads, medallions, glitter, etc. I also put it on rollers.  A great idea, because making different arrangments is easy.  The lower cabinet seen in this final pic to the right in the picture is another find.  Someone on the alley was taking out their old kitchen cabinets and I saw 2 30 inch by 30 inch wall cabinets out for the trash.  I snatched those up. Brought them in.  Cleaned them up and then attached rollers to one and set the other toward the back of the new cabinet I previously described (this 30" cabinet doesn't show..did that later).  But it has been so handy to have the lower rolling cabinet with shelves underneath and a surface to use for whatever I need.  So for now it all works...but I plan to create a better space on the other side of the basement where I can have more room and not be in the path of traffic getting to the door to the attached garage...duh.  SoI will post new pictures when that happens.

Happy Crafting,

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