Thursday, February 18, 2010

Where I Got My Talent for Art & Latest Project

I decided that today  I'd write about one of the family members who has passed on her genes to help me to become the artist I am today.  My grandmother on my mom's side was very artistic and painted oils.  She lived in Rockville, Indiana. Her maiden name was Woodworth.  Yes, we're related to the Samuel Woodworth who wrote, "The Old Oaken Bucket". Ha.  Grandma Gregg (that's how I got my first name from my grandpa's last name of Gregg, which originally was MacGregor.  So yes, I'm Scottish.  Grandma was a pretty stern sort, but I loved all the art she did. Besides painting oils, she created hats.  She loved making hats..and had them all over the house.  She would sketch little pictures for us, too.  Sometimes she would send us a letter with a little book inside for us to color the sketches she made.  Her name was Kate, but she didn't like the name and so wanted to be called Katharine.
This picture is her with one of her hats she made.  I think she looks proud of her work.  I don't think she made megabucks selling her hats, but enough to keep the career going.  My grandmother had 12 children.  I can't imagine having that many children running around.  My mother, her daughter, had half that many...and that was plenty for me. Being the oldest I had many responsibilities.

I always thought grandma's name was Katharine, until I began doing genealogy for the family and found out her true name.  Anyway, she always encouraged me to keep creating my art and loved to see the things I produced.  As a high school student, I worked with clay, throwing pots, did weavings, and painting and drawing.  So her encouragement and interest kept me going. In college, I continued in art with weaving, ceramics, and painting.  I did create a woven basket that traveled the country in some show. I felt honored.  While in college, though, I changed my major to elementary education, because I kept complaining about the state of things. My friends all said that I could still do my art in the classroom.  They were right.  But now retired, I'm glad to get back to doing more of the art I enjoy.  

Well, my latest creation was a custom bridal shower album for a New York lady's sister.  It was created using a cotton material backed with paper so that I could run it through the computer and print a blue hydrangea photo on the 4 sheets needed to complete the project.  I used a great punch by Martha Stewart that had a hearts design edging. Looped Hearts Edge Punch (martha Stewart)  I edged a royal blue cardstock piece with the punch runing horizontally in the middle of the front and back of the album covers.  On it, was stamped a saying in white pigment ink.  I also cut a peek-through on the front cover to reveal a silhouette of a couple kissing.

The pictures show the front cover with details showing more with the second and third picture.  I added the mini-bouquet of hydrangeas Punch: Hydrangea under the peek-through, since I have the ability to create flowers (see my store) that have been given a sparkle with very fine glitter...(doesn't show up so much in the picture).    My grandmother would probably be in awe if she were still alive and could see the album. I know she would have loved it.

Well, I promise to blog more often.  I love to write and have two journals going of my own right now. 
Take care and happy crafting,

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