Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Logo/Avatar Has Changed

Hello, again. I really plan on keeping up my blog.  Since March of 2011, I have researched Celtic art and realize I am drawn to that type of art, especially jewelry, because of my ancestors on both sides of the family being Scottish.  I have created some new pieces that you can see on  My avatar has changed to reflect my love of Celtic everything! So here it is above.  The dragon has a special meaning in the Celtic means secret treasures. Kind of goes along with my URL site name..right?  Ha.

I also have recently found more books that have inspired me...on being Sharilynn Miller's book called, "Wire Art Jewelry". Her techniques are amazing and the book comes with a DVD which helps with showing her techniques.  The other book is more spiritual to me, but is a jewelry book just the same called, "INSPIRITU Jewelry" by Marie French.  I was so moved by the book that I emailed her to tell her so.  I also said I was buying a book on the meaning of stones and it just happened to be one on her list to buy as well.  The book is a journey of Marie finding jewelry notes, etc. in the southwest and how she has adapted the information to create her own jewelry for friends and family.  The idea is that stones have a healing nature and wearing the right kinds of stones together can hopefully influence a person's life in a positive way.  There are even recipes for teas to drink with specific types of jewelry.  All of this found in a journal kept by a special lady years ago in an old adobe in the southwest.  So needless to say, I have thought about jewelry-making in a whole new way.  Below are some of my Celtic pieces I have recently created.

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