Friday, September 9, 2011

My Studio I May Have to Leave Behind

Currently, the house is for sale and that means I will loose the studio I created last summer (2010).  It was very much thought out and I decided to use nothing but white pegboard walls.  I figured it would allow me easy changes to where I might hang/store things in the 10 x 12 feet area.  I also added to that a 6 x 9 feet area of shelving on both sides for storage.  Wonderful way to keep things from showing.  So now I am waiting to see if all will happen with the move.  I haven't packed up any of my studio except the books.  Oh, I even found brackets that fit on the pegboard walls to hold magazines and books.  That was a great find!  The area was down in the basement, which was the only drawback.  I had a very small window to the world outside and it faced West, so I did get some sun, but I prefer more open spaced windows.  I feel more motivated that way.

 So here are pictures of the new studio.  Before I was kind of in a walkway from the basement area to the
garage.  This way I have my own area with doors I can shut. Love it. I sure
 will miss not being in this space if I move.

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