Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Weekend

My daughter came this weekend to put together materials for her transition to teaching (Spanish). Since I had plenty of crafting things, she was over-joyed to be able to come and create, laminate, and cutout things she has wanted to create for making her teaching experience a better one.  So I haven't had the chance to create any jewelry this weekend with helping her put together her teaching materials.  I kind of felt like I was starting over with my teaching, helping her.  I think she will be a great teacher. She has such a personality and the creativity to truly be successful.  I will help her all I can to succeed.

We made flash cards, sentence cards, and alphabets all for working with the Spanish language. I also bought her three clocks that she wanted to have in her classroom to tell time in Spain, Peru, and one other area that I can't remember right now.

I wish her all the luck.

Before she came, I was able to walk the Whiteriver trail finally after all the weather we have had lately.  It was so enjoyable and I am always looking at things in nature for ideas to help creating new jewelry, etc. I did see one blue heron and of course all the ducks and geese that populate the areas around "and on" the trail.  So I got my 3 miles in yesterday.  I'm hoping the rain will hold of so Abby and I can go walking together.  She also likes to walk.

Have a great and "healthful" day.  Did I just hear thunder?  Oh's 7:10 a.m. right now.  Maybe it will pass for when we want to walk...ha.

Take care.

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