Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm Back! Been so busy with Local Art...

Hello all.  I have been doing most of my art through the local gallery here in Muncie at Art and Soul by Phoebe Gallery.  The gallery closed at the end of last December of 2010 and so I am now getting back to the grindstone and creating for my artfire site.  I have transitioned from creating books and other paper things to jewelry.  Many like the jewelry I have created and am now focusing on mainly Celtic style jewelry. Being Irish and Scottish may be the reason for the appeal..ha.  Not sure but I love it.  I will soon redo my banner and avatar reflecting a Celtic look. I still am also focusing on wire and bead jewelry with some leather pieces mixed in.  I also love steampunk, I think mainly because of the Victorian influence to this type of jewelry.

So know that I will be back sharing new books I've found and maybe some "how tos" with what I'm doing.  Oh...also last summer I created a working studio in the basement.  The walls are all white pegboard and give me the opportunity to move things around if I need to or if the spaces aren't quite the way I need them.  Love it.  I have a paper/miscellaneous area, a jewelry area and a business area where the computer is located.  So I am set.  Connected to the studio is a 6 x 9 foot storage area in galley form with shelving on both sides.  Great storage.  The entrance is grand (of course) with french doors into the space.  I will share pictures soon here on my blog.  I also plan to submit my studio to the Studios magazine.  Cate, the editor there has asked for me to submit my studio info when I finished things.  So I plan on that.

Well glad to be back and hope all is well with those followers I have and that you are creating like crazy!

Take care...


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