Friday, October 16, 2009

Have been getting ready for a local craft show!

Hello and sorry to not have written sooner. I've been working on some older and newer things for a craft show at the Matthews Mercantile, a beautiful store in a small town near here...Matthews, Indiana. The ladies that own it are sisters. One has been the nurse in my doctor's office forever. She's Beth. The other is her sister, Debbie. They like to scout around the country, mainly in the east, for really great pieces of early American furniture and trappings, but also for works done by arts who do reproduction pieces, too. They also do like to invite local artists in for a Winter show and have them/us setup a table in their shop and sell our "wares". I plan to take mini-journaling books, blank notecards, and glass hangings. The notecards I'm taking and the glass hangings are newer. I found that doing Scherenschnitte cuttings in the traditional black color seem to be more dramatic than those I previously have been creating. I also have "tuned into" the early American theme with new subject matter for those coming who are expecting things from that time period as well. So I will have mix. I just finished 5 mini journaling books in different plaids and then glued to them, a Scherenschenitte cutout. Looks very dramatic that way. The colors of plaids I have used are greens, reds, and rust/black. I don't have pics of them as of yet, but will put them in a followup posting. I did do some new cards in a different way by printing the scanned images that are art nouveau and then cutting them out, inserting them in cards, and then putting an inner blank page in the card for writing. Those turned out very well. Along with them, I have created glass hangings that are the same transparencies sandwiched between two pieces of clear glass. Most I see on Etsty. com are done with vellum paper, but these are even brighter with the use of transparencies. I've included pics of the early American cards, cards of art nouveau illustrations, and also wall hangings. The hangings are around the same size as those in the cards, being about 4" x 5". I also got the idea to sandwich between the clear glass pieces, some of the black Scherenschnitte cutouts I've done. I think they look very striking. Wish I would hear from you all who have started following me. I'd love to hear your thoughts about my work.

Take care and I will post the plaid books soon. They will also be posted in my Etsy store.

Guess my early American Scherenschnitte cutouts are on the other computer...I'll post those when I post the plaid books.
Happy Crafting and let me know your thoughts! Don't hesitate to visit my store on Etsy at:

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