Friday, January 15, 2010

Sharing my Sort-of Organized Art Studio

I love seeing how people have arranged their studios. There aren't enough books out there with ideas that I can find. I have swapped out my tool area in the basement for my art studio. I too use pegboard and have found that if you have a place for everything and IF you put it back in that same place, then things stay pretty neat and tidy. It can be over-whelming with having so many different things and not having a permanent place to put them. I have included photos of my studio that I'd like to share, either for critiquing or just to see how someone else has organized. I started with an 8 foot countertop and put it over two drawer and door cabinets. It's a perfect height for working. I have a sink (essential I think), bookcase, drawers, and have even taken an old upper cabinet that measures 30 inches wide, put wheels on it and use it to hold things I need currently. The top is just another place for use in paperworking, cutting out, etc. I also expanded to having an L shape with another workbench on wheels. This one hold drawers of paper scrapes, yarn, and many of the stamps I have. The upper area has two blue containers with 38 smaller drawers in each...very handy and I've labeled each so I can find things. Well, maybe my area looks chaotic to you, but it is where I like to be and create!

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